Our students immediately experience the correct golf swing.

Adult Lessons

Every lesson is focused on developing you as a player. Lessons taught to women and men of all ages and abilities and are geared towards improving your skills and swing, resulting in more confident players. Our goal is to improve your ball striking and club control with every lesson, while simplifying the process.

“You swing your best when you have the fewest things to think about.” 
- Bobby Jones

One Hour Private Adult Lesson $150
Custom Lesson & Playing Packages Available Upon Request

*All instruction is scheduled with the understanding that we reserve the right to charge the applicable fee for any lesson that is cancelled within 48 of the time it was scheduled.

Adult Instructional Clinics

The Justin Russo Golf Academy is dedicated to helping golfers of every skill level succeed. Our Adult Instructional Clinics are geared to improving some of the most important aspects of the game – Putting, Short Game & The Full Swing. We discuss and instruct ways to improve your scores by focusing on the areas that have the most dramatic effect on your game.

Adult Instructional Clinic Schedule

Every Saturday 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Sign-Up
Justin Russo Golf Academy Putting Instruction & Lessons


(Speed, Line and Green Reading)

Short Game

(Chipping, Pitching and Sand)

Full Swing

(Solid Ball Striking, Rhythm, Ball Flight)

Playing Lessons

Learn on the Course Instruction as you play! This 1 ½ hour playing lesson will help improve your golf game by building a consistent routine, improve your shot selection and overall game execution.