Justin Russo’s interest in golf as young boy quickly turned into a life long passion. Raised on the Monterey Peninsula developing his game around some the top teachers golf courses in the world, Justin quickly developed his natural abilities into championship trophies. Over the last 18 years as a coach and PGA professional, Justin has earned the reputation as ‘Coach’ for his role in helping his students improve their game. By simplifying the process and achieving ‘square impact’ and positive results. Our students experience that “It is not difficult to make the correct swing!”

Breaking away from traditional fix the flaw mentality. “I discovered as an instructor that the more you stop critiquing, and correcting, and judging, the more you bring out the kids’ play in adults. Students are very intuitive and smart; they can tell if their swing was smooth. They can tell if it was too fast. Allowing the players to coach has transformed into a new form of target-based teaching. The best golfers and athletes in the world have a connection and relationship of their swing to their target often experienced as ‘the zone.’ This true connection and self-coaching are the foundation for our academy and allow our students to take command of their game.

The Justin Russo Golf Academy was founded in 2014 with the vision to share our fun and intuitive style for learning the game of golf. Our classes and expertise will have you immediately experiencing the results and swing of your dreams. Justin instills a systematic learning process providing simplicity and skills that allow every golfer to develop their passion and connection to the game of golf. We love to see our golfer on the course playing!


Justin is an award winning PGA Director of Instruction with passion for growing the game and developing students’ skills and enjoyment of the game of golf through his own academy. He has a clientele of professionals, juniors, and amateurs, which have over 100 tournament wins, 75 club wins and 20 course records.


Justin Russo is a TPI certified Instructor and incorporates the TPI Body-Swing Connection to create a complete golf lesson experience.

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute)- Designed for golf teaching professionals, medical practitioners and fitness trainers, the TPI Certification program is an evidence based, educational pathway designed to teach industry professionals how to increase player performance through a deep understanding of the of how the body functions during the golf swing.

We call this concept The Body-Swing Connection.

Involvement & Responsibilities

  • Owner of Justin Russo Golf Academy
  • Men’s Head Golf Coach, Monterey Peninsula College (2001-present)
  • Physical Education Golf Instructor, Monterey Peninsula College (2001-present)
  • Founder/Coach for the Monterey Bay Junior Golf League (2014-present)
  • Board of Director, AT&T Pebble Beach Junior Golf Association (2005-present)

Personally I enjoy spending time with my wife Jane, our son, Justin Jr, (3) and dog, Bella. We enjoy playing golf together, hiking, mountain biking, skiing and time at the beach. Time outside with your loved ones is one of the greatest pleasures in life; I have always loved the outdoors that is one of my true connections with golf.

Many of my closest friends have developed from our time together coaching and playing golf, what better way to spend time doing the “work”; I embrace each opportunity to teach incredible people this wonderful game of golf

Justin Russo

PGA Director of Instruction

Justin Russo and Student Erick Justesen walking down the 7th hole at Pebble Beach during the 100th US Open Championship. Erick finished tied for 52nd.

Teaching Philosophy

Our philosophy at Justin Russo Golf Academy is to individualize instruction through the use of self-discovery in regards to the following priorities:
P: Play with the intent to have fun
I: Independence created through discipline
V: Values revealed by the game
O: Optimize your experiences
T: Targets recognized through experiences

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